About Me

My Creative Journey

The family hobby of rock collecting and stone cutting led me to jewelry classes and a Fine Arts degree from Edinboro State University. After many years of working in the jewelry industry, graphic design became my creative second career. For the last three years, I’ve combined the experiences of design and love of making jewelry with new skills to make unique modern pieces. My take on jewelry is less formal, pleasing to the touch and lightweight, using mainly wood, stone and stainless steel. I strive to make jewelry with a quiet, grounding simplicity that is easy to care for and enduring in style.

Where Lace, Mid-Century Modern and Stones Meet Up

Jewelry inspired by music, nature, art and traditional women’s crafts, Valerie  uses mainly reclaimed woods finished with eco friendly oils and beeswax. The cut shapes are finished by hand, then woven with stones, crystal or tagua nut beads, and combined with stainless steel findings. The newest styles use gold leaf or inlaid wire for a bright contrast to the warm woods.

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