Innsbruck Crystal Earrings

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Innsbruck Crystal Earrings
Inspired by Innsbruck Austria, which is close to the town of Wattens, home to Swarovski crystal. If you get a chance to go, you really should see what a beautiful museum and garden they've curated! These earrings are inspired by sunlight on crystal sculptures in the garden, especially beautiful as the sun is lower in the sky and the sounds of Strauss waltzes are playing! (a sentimental favorite from childhood)

The darker earrings are Purpleheart wood, no dye or stain was used, this is the natural color with a light beeswax coating. They are also available in maple wood with a multi-chromatic blue and lavender crystal, or golden shadow. The crystal is Swarovski, naturally!

  • Stainless steel ear wires
  • Made in Pittsburgh, PA USA
  • Sustainable compostable packaging