Oppi V2

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The second iteration (I changed the center section) of this fun mid-century look necklace in maple wood and stainless steel featuring glazed glass beads. The wood slices are drilled and held by a stainless steel wire, and the beads are held on a narrower stainless steel wire. When the wearer moves, the steel catches the light, giving an unexpected glint of its structure.

  • The wood is finished by hand till it has a silky smooth finish (think driftwood!), then polished with food grade oils and beeswax.
  • Dark brown leather braided bolo cord
  • Stainless steel findings
  • Glazed glass beads have a bold ceramic-like appearance, and are resistant to peeling or discoloring
  • Wood should not be immersed in water, but if it happens, a quick rub with cutting board oil will freshen it up
  • Wood is finished with food grade oils and beeswax, no toxic stuff. Ever.